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Long time, no blog

Hello friends!

It’s been a while, huh? Sorry about that, life has gotten CRAZY!

The short version: started and ended new job, got gallbladder removed, didn’t move into new place, in-law’s came back from Florida, and still trying to get the crafting business off the ground.

Longer version:

Started the new job in July, and it was going really well. Made it through training and into “nesting” (where we take live calls but have people walking around to help us/more hands on help than regular calls). Within the first hour of the 3rd day of nesting (Monday), my gallbladder freaked out, I had a restroom episode and went home, scared that’d I’d a) have to use the restroom while on the phone and couldn’t get to the rest room and possibly b) not get to the restroom and then have an issue at my desk and in my pants. Neither of which would have been good. I had an appointment with the surgeon later that week (Friday) to schedule the gallbladder removal, but I was able to call and have them move it up to the next day (Tuesday). So I went in on Tuesday and they said that the surgeon only does removals on Thursdays and the Thursday that week was probably full. I begged the PA to see what she could do as I was in a lot of pain, had been dealing with this gallbladder issue since February and wanted to be done with it!

The surgeon came in, told me about the procedure and the risks, and I told him I’d heard the risks and didn’t care, I just wanted the gallbladder OUT. He left and the PA came back in, taking me to the scheduling lady. She told me “this Thursday is full… *insert me groaning here* but we can get you in tomorrow.” To which I told her and the scheduling lady that if I ever won the lottery, I’d give them some. That’s how happy I was about it! They laughed and got me scheduled.

I went home that night and called the HR people from work, and started my leave process paperwork so that I wouldn’t rack up absentee hours while out recovering (if you were absent 80 + hours in 13 weeks, they’d fire you) and I had missed some time during training, getting some of the tests done to justify the surgeon taking my gallbladder out.

Wednesday the hubbs took me to the surgery center, and his aunts met us there, and stayed with him while I was in surgery. We updated the in-laws (who were still in Florida) as the day progressed and the longest wait was the surgeon getting there and being ready to do the surgery. I remember going into the surgery room at about 12:30, talked to the nurses a little, got some special stuff to breathe and then woke up and saw a clock at about 2:30. They say the procedure only took 30 minutes or so, but I guess it just took me a bit to come out of my sleep. The pain was a bit rough at the beginning, but 2 doses of pain meds helped with that, enough that I was able to get up and walk to the car and go home. I had a cut & stitch in my belly button, a cut & stitch under my boob, and then 2 band-aids over some little hole spot things in my lower-side abdomen. The hubbs took me home, got my pain meds and then I slept. A lot. Then spent time walking around (trying to let the gas out as they did the laproscopic removal) and trying to figure out what I could and could not eat.

Fortunately, for the first few days, I didn’t really have issues with foods, but after that first bowel movement, my system would tell me when it didn’t like what I ate. At my one week follow-up, the PA said that sometimes I’ll eat something and it’ll be bad, then I might eat it again, and it’ll be ok, so it’s just been a giant experiment. In addition, any foods with fat will probably go right through me, but I’m allowed to use immodium to help with that. Fortunately, the immodium helps prevent using the rest room after EVERY meal, and so far it seems like the overly greasy food items are the ones that affect me most.

Meanwhile, I find out that I hadn’t been at my job long enough to qualify for a leave of absence, so I could either rack up the missed hours (and eventually get fired) or resign, so I resigned to keep me eligible for rehire in the future when they hire for seasonal positions again. Its been a bit rough, but the hubbs has encouraged me to focus on my crafting business, and so that’s what I’m doing.

The crafting business has been alright so far. I’ve been making a lot of product but trying to figure out a niche to sell to. Just cause I make it, doesn’t mean I’m going to sell it, and I have to find the right medium to sell what I make. But I’ve been having fun making purses, crocheted stuffed animals, and most recently a Halloween table runner and some dice bags for my husband and his gaming friends. Every once in a while I’ll get a commission for a specific item, but hopefully I can start to get more of those soon.

2 weekends ago, the hubbs and I drove to South Carolina to meet the in-laws and drive them back to Kentucky. They’ve been settling in alright, but Mom gets tired more easily than we’re used to, because of the surgery and the infections she dealt with in Florida. So its been a bit chill at the Disney household. The in-laws were nice enough to let us keep Jack (they didn’t want us to get a dog, we got him with the intention of moving out, when we weren’t going to move out, we had to make sure they were ok with him, they were, thank goodness) and they light up when he’s around. Jack will climb onto Dad’s scooter and let dad scratch on him and be very content. It’s quite cute.

Here’s a Jack picture from the other day, he’s just so stinking cute!


And I think that’s just about everything that’s been going on lately.

Hope you all have a wonderful Labor Day, and a great week!


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May Secret Subject Swap

Hello friends!

This week, 16 brave bloggers picked a secret subject for someone else and were assigned a secret subject to interpret in their own style. Today we are all simultaneously divulging our topics and submitting our posts.

My¬†subject is “Have you ever made a mountain out of a molehill? Did everything end up as disastrous as you thought it would?” submitted by Searching for Sanity. Here goes!

According to my Husband, and I must agree, I tend to make a habit of turning mountains into molehills. Some mountains are more hill-like than mountainous but needless, I tend to make a big deal of things, especially if my hormones are raging.

Most recently though, I was CONVINCED that my gallbladder had finally burst. Back in February I had been having some abdominal pain and doctors figured out my gallbladder was giving me issues. After an ultrasound to confirm no stones, and then a HYDA scan to see how well/not well it was working, my doctor said my gallbladder was working at 41% but that wasn’t bad enough to remove it.

Fast forward to the end of March. Its a lovely Saturday night, Husband and I needed dinner. We went to Arby’s and enjoyed our sammiches. A few hours later, I wake up to pain and cramping. After some time in the bathroom, my body rejected the food and the pain subsided. I went back to bed. What I did not know, was that while I was sleeping, my husband’s body also rejected his food. When I woke up later, I still felt AWFUL. Lots of cramping, back aches, and just the smell of food made my stomach roll. Husband, that lucky duck, was fine. I tried to stay hydrated but it was hard, and then my body decided to reject the food I had eaten Saturday for lunch!

I was convinced that since most of the food wasn’t digested well, and the pain wouldn’t go away my gallbladder had ruptured (never mind the fact that I had no fever or other traditional signs of a rupture). After about 12 hours of constant pain, Husband took me to the ER. We were fortunate to get in right away, be in a room within 5 minutes and saw a doctor in another 10. He scheduled all sorts of blood work, and x-rays. The x-rays showed nothing, and the blood work showed nothing major (besides a bit of dehydration). So I got some fluids, lovely pain meds, and anti-nausea meds and finally started to feel better. Doctor’s prognosis: Food poisoning or 24 hour stomach flu that was aggravated by my pre-existing gallbladder issues. Since the pain meds were helping, he sent me home with instructions to come back if it got worse.

Fortunately, I got better. Went home and slept off the worse of it and was able to eat mild food the next day.

But before we went to the ER and before we got the test results, I was CONVINCED that I’d be having to get my gallbladder removed that night. I thought about how I wished I had strength to shower before leaving the house, and feeling bad that my husband might miss work the next day. Did it go that far? No. Am I surprised? No. Was my internal freak out necessary? No. The mountain I had made was clearly a simple molehill, but it took a Doctor to tell me that (after enough pain meds were in me to help me think clearly). I will probably need to have my gallbladder removed some day, but I guess I’ll cross that mountain when I get there. ūüôā


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Thanks for reading, hope you have a good weekend!


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