Oh, to be a Fly on the Wall

Hello friends! It’s that time again: the monthly Fly on the Wall post. See what’s going on at our house and then take a peek at what’s going on at some other houses!

~Sorry its been a while since I’ve posted. Its been a crazy few weeks. Started my new job on April 1st and its been rough trying to re-adjust to being awake in the morning.

~New job is going well! Training is a bit slow (I can get a lot of other stuff done while in training) but its informative and I’m learning a lot.

~Our first wedding anniversary is this Sunday, April 19! I can’t believe its been almost a year already! We’re going to Lexington to hang out for the day and to have dinner at an amazing Italian place that I love and Garrett can actually eat at (he has a garlic allergy).

~Garrett’s family is taking us to dinner tonight for our anniversary, which is very nice of them. I think his aunts have orchestrated this dinner outing, and they’re just so adorable. I love hanging out with them ūüôā

~Since I’ve started the new job and we’ll have 2 paychecks again, we’re starting to look for our own place. It’ll probably take a while, but at least we’re looking. I’m definitely looking forward to living alone with my husband for the first time in our marriage!

~Garrett, I and some friends started a D&D like game last week. It’s called Pathfinder, and its a version of Dungeons and Dragons. Its actually really fun and the creation of characters was a cool process. In addition to¬†Pathfinder (where¬†I play a Gnome Bard), he taught me to play the Dragon Ball Z card game and its a ton of fun!¬†Needless to say, my husband has unleashed my inner nerdy gamer ūüôā

~Remember that baby shower I threw with a friend? Well, that baby is supposed to make his debut today. Mom is getting induced and I’m so hoping that I get a call/text later saying we can come meet him. I’ll try to take pictures cause who doesn’t want to see pictures of newborns? ūüėÄ

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Baby Shower, Hooray!

Hello friends!

Where has this month gone? I feel like I blinked and now its just about over. My photo challenge has kinda fallen apart, so I may just change to a new goal of 2-3 pictures a week as its my challenge and I can do it however I want, right?

Yesterday was the baby shower for our friend and it went well. We were hoping for more people to come, but those who were there had fun and so much love for the couple and baby to be. Here’s a pic of the quilt I made, as I didn’t want to post pictures till after I gave it to the family

Full shot of the quilt

Full shot of the quilt

More Detail

More Detail


I also got this adorable spur-of-the-moment Easter bunny rabbit that was just too adorable to pass up:

How stinking cute is he?

How stinking cute is he?


And then I also made one of those tag toys that I’ve seen all over the internet and stores for baby. I’ve seen blankets and various stuffed animals, and so since Mommy loves elephants, I made the little guy a cute little Tag Toy Elephant:

So much fun!

So much fun!


We played some games, gave out prizes, had good snacks and then dug into this adorable cupcake creation I found:

Little Cupcake stroller

Little Cupcake stroller


Side note- do you know how much frosting they use to make these things!?!? I have seen the cupcake shape thing on line but had no idea that they use icing to keep the cupcakes stuck to the tray and then fill the gaps between cupcakes with frosting too. I got to take the leftovers home and I swear I’ve got more icing than cupcakes left. Like I could probably bake a batch of cupcakes and frost them with the leftover icing from this guy. At least it tastes good!

Here’s a sweet picture I got of 4/5 members of the family and then one of me, the mom and the other host:

Soon to be older brothers helping open gifts

Soon to be older brothers helping open gifts

Me, Mom to be, and Co-Host

Me, Mom to be, and Co-Host

Now we just wait and see for the little guy to get here. Mommy knows that there are about 10 of us who are waiting in line to hold the little guy ūüôā


I’ll get another post up soon of the other crafty stuff I’ve been up to, but if you can’t wait that long, head over to my business page on Facebook, Creations by Cole


Hope you all have had a good weekend and will have a great week!




Like a Fly on the Wall

It’s that time again, where a bunch of us bloggers give you a glimpse into our lives. So here goes:


~We somehow managed to control the flow of water into the basement, and have moved back downstairs. We got rid of the wet, ruined carpets, rearranged the living room, and got the musty smell taken care of.


~Somehow, despite the standing water and flooding, we’ve got mice again. Fortunately we have an awesome trap and we caught another bugger the other night. That now makes 2 adults and 9 babies. They’re not catch and release traps or live catch traps or whatever-they’re-called, cause 1) we can’t afford them and 2) this trap is the only one where the babies haven’t been able to eat the bait right off and not trigger the trap (that happened with the first 4 mice and it got old, fast).


~I got a new job! I got hired on at Convergys, a work from home agency, where I’ll be doing call center work (from home, yay!) and troubleshooting people’s internet issues. I start April 1, so wish me luck! We moved the craft room around a little too, so that I’ve got an office in there and I won’t bother Garrett, who also works from home, in the living room.


~I started ¬†a 365 photo-a-day challenge (check out the blog posts about it!) and while it was easy the first week, its proven to be more difficult as I go along. For a while I was beating myself up about not taking a picture every day, but I’ve decided that since its my challenge, then its ok if I miss a day or two ūüôā


~My friend Sarah (that awesome chick at The Momisodes) and I are throwing a baby shower for our mutual friend next weekend. I found out last month that they don’t have anything for this baby (number 4 and totally unplanned) and since this friend is convinced no one would come to a baby shower, Sarah and I are out to prove her wrong. She’s not due till the end of April, but this friend told us the other day that the doctors aren’t sure if the baby will stay in that long. So it might become a “Look who’s born!” shower instead. I guess we’ll just have to see what the little guy decides to do.


~Hung out with that same Sarah this week. She invited me to a Mary Kay party at her Church and this week on her day off, I went over and hung out with her and her kiddos. According to Little Bit, I’m her best friend now. And then Girl Child said I was her best friend too. So all 3 girls in that house are now my best friend ūüôā I helped Little Bit with her math homework (I love math, Sarah does not) and then we played on the whiteboard giving each other math questions and trying to figure out what words the other was spelling.¬†Sarah’s girls decided I should stay for dinner, so I got to share in the yummy Meatloaf Meatballs ūüôā


~Garrett’s Mom and Dad came back from Florida last week. They were going to do Mom’s cancer surgery down there but the doctor wants her heart to get stronger first, so they’ll go back in June for the surgery, giving Mom the time to work on that and finish out the school year (she works at the middle school).


~Garrett went to Louisville last weekend to play in a card tournament. He won one of the raffle prizes, but he forgot to tell me how many games he won. He came home very happy and was glad to get a day with the guys out of the house. By the time the weekend rolls around, he’s usually a bit stir crazy so its nice when he gets to get out and do stuff like that.


~I got really crafty this week, starting and finishing both a jewelry holder for my bathroom and a thread holder for my craft room (I’ll get pictures of those up as soon as I can get my new camera synced with the computer). Next big craft to finish is quilting and binding the baby quilt that is a gift for next week’s baby shower. Guess I should get on that ūüôā


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Short Week in Photos

So this week was a bit harder, as I was doing so much work in the basement I just got too tired to take pictures. Or forgot to take pictures of the cool stuff going on. So this week’s collection is smaller than I’d like. Oh well.

This week we found out that Garrett’s Mom & Dad were coming back to Ky as Mom needed to get her heart stronger before the doctor would treat her cancer. So they came home yesterday so that Mom can finish working the rest of the school year and work on getting her heart stronger. ¬†Since they came home, and the 4 of us can’t live upstairs together comfortably, Garrett and I needed to move back downstairs.

So on Monday when we got this news, we ripped up the wet carpets in the basement and got them out to the dump. While Garrett went to work, I rearranged the living area in the basement and started to move our stuff back downstairs. Tuesday we got Garrett’s work stuff moved back downstairs so he could work at his own desk. We got the internet fixed and then found out that our Satellite wasn’t working. We originally thought it was due to all the rain we’d been getting (which also wasn’t flooding our basement, hooray!) but Dish said it was a switch or device issue, so they scheduled us a tech to come out Thursday.

Wednesday had me finishing up getting our stuff from upstairs to downstairs and I finally got a few pictures then:

New Living Room Layout

New Living Room Layout


Other side of the Living Room

Other side of the Living Room


Then Thursday Garrett and I ran some errands before he went to work, and we got lunch from up the road, which included Chocolate Cake for Dessert ūüôā

So Yummy!!!

So Yummy!!!


Friday saw me cleaning and trying to get the upstairs ready for Mom and Dad, Saturday Garrett went to Louisville with some friends and I went to a Mary Kay party. Mom and Dad are finally home and since Kandi, Jason and Jaden came up with them, we’re celebrating Jaden’s birthday (3-18) tonight with the family and I’m hoping to get some good pictures then.


Sorry its a boring week, but at least I remembered to take some pictures!


Oh! I also found out that I got the work at home job I applied for! It starts April 1st and its full time, so it’ll be nice to have 2 incomes coming in again ūüôā



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365 Photo-A-Day Challenge

I’ve been toying around with the idea of a Photo-A-Day series, done for a whole year, and since I just got an amazing camera upgrade from Garrett, I decided to give it a try. So from March 1, 2015 to February 28, 2016 I’ll take (at least) one photo every day. And since I’ve got this blog, I figured that every week, I’d post the pictures and give you an idea of what’s going on in our lives. So here goes:

Sunday, March 1, 2015

I finally got the nerve to play with my new sewing machine and finished the quilt for a friends’ baby, due in April. This is just a small chunk of it, as I don’t want them to see the whole thing yet ūüôā

Baby Boy Quilt

Baby Boy Quilt

Monday, March 2, 2015

Monday I woke up with the news that I was an Auntie again! My wonderful God-Sister and her husband had their beautiful baby girl, Olivia Francis Louise, at about 1:30 in the morning (central time). As I felt awful that I hadn’t even started her quilt yet, on Monday I got the top put together. Both this quilt and the baby boy quilt still need to be quilted, but that’s the goal for this week.

Baby Girl Quilt

Olivia’s Owl Quilt

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Since the snow started to melt and we had to prepare for rain, the holes in the basement wall started to leak again. It wasn’t too horrible, but enough that it was an issue. Plus we were in a flood advisory from Tuesday night to Thursday night and we had no idea how bad the leaks were going to get. This was us being hopeful that the original repairs Garrett did 2 weeks ago were going to be enough (it wasn’t).

Putting our faith in towels

Putting our faith in towels

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

On Wednesday, as it rained, our basement turned into a wading pool. We weren’t able to keep up with the water coming in, as soon as I vacuumed it up, it was back so I couldn’t do anything about the standing water, just suck up the new water coming in. And dumping the shop vac about every 10 minutes. As the water was starting to get into the carpets, most specifically, the carpet under Garrett’s desk (where lots of electronics were housed) we decided to move upstairs since Donna & Bill are in Florida for a while. So we moved all the important stuff upstairs and this is where we’ll be for a while. Since the rain Wednesday turned to snow Thursday, it did stop, but now that it was almost 60 today, and should be in these temps all week, we’re waiting till we can get the basement dried out to rip up the ruined carpets, paint the concrete floor and then move back down.

New desk set-up

New desk set-up

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Since we had moved upstairs, and still needed to give Icarus flight time, he got to explore the new area and see more of the upstairs than he ever had. He decided on a new “spot” on the mantle, in front of the mirror, and since he was looking just so handsome, I got my camera out and took a few great shots.

Icarus Evan

Icarus Evan

Friday, March 6, 2015

On Friday, we just tried to catch up with everything. We finally got our internet back and Garrett and I had a nice sushi dinner. And since I realized it was the end of the day, with no picture taken, I got another few shots of Icarus, despite his hating me for it ūüôā

Icarus Evan

Sitting in his cage

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Today was an absolutely beautiful day! According to our car, it got to 58 degrees, though it felt much warmer. As Garrett was hanging out with the guys, I got a me/girl day and as part of that, I decided to take my camera out to McHargue’s Mill, part of the Levi Jackson State Park. Its a beautiful Mill and something I’ve always wanted to photograph. Can’t wait till spring when all the plants come into bloom!

McHargue's Mill

McHargue’s Mill

That’s week one of my 365 Photo-a-Day challenge. Stay tuned for more pictures next week!


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So despite the weird and frustrating weather we’ve had this week, I finally got my sewing machine! It came in this HUGE box:


It was taller than the washing machine!

And I wasn’t 100% sure why, but when I opened it, I figured out that they sent the sewing machine and carrying case in the same large outer box.

First, I set up the carrying case, cause it was simpler:

Carrying Case!

Carrying Case!

And then I got the sewing machine into the craft room to get it set up. Look at just a fraction of the attachments it came with:

Feet, needles, extras, etc

Feet, needles, extras, etc

Then I got it onto my desk:

So Pretty!

So Pretty!

And put the extended table on it so I could get a feel of how much extra space it gave me:

Looks so good in its new home!

Looks so good in its new home!

And I’m thrilled! I’m also a tad intimidated by it, but I’ll put in the instructional DVD this weekend and figure this baby out so that I can finish some baby quilts I’ve got to get done ūüôā

Have a good weekend, everyone!



A Fly on the Wall

Today’s blog is another group project, our “Fly on the Wall” Posts. We give you a glimpse of what you’d see if you were a fly on the wall in our homes. Give mine a read and then check out the links to see what’s going on in other houses!

~Tax return money came in, so Garrett and I were able to have a little fun. We went to Lexington on Saturday to hang out and walk around and enjoy spending time with each other.


~Valentine’s day was pretty chill here, we did go to dinner with Garrett’s parents at a local place that had a nice dinner deal going on: 2 steaks, 4 sides and a strawberry cheesecake dessert to split. It was delicious and the restaurant was giving out carnations to the ladies.


~We’ve survived the snow-pocalypse here in Kentucky. I went out and shoveled a path from the bottom door to the trash can and cleared a path from the front door to the van so that we may be able to get out of the house. They’re saying we could get another 1-3 inches, so who knows what’ll happen.


~Garrett’s Sister is planning on coming up to London this weekend, so she can drive Mom & Dad-in-law to Florida for them to visit with them for a while. Hopefully the snow we’ve got and snow we may get won’t mess these plans up too much.


~I’ve been working on a bunch more crochet projects, I just have to get them together, photograph them and post them online. Don’t forget to check out Creations by Cole¬†for samples of what I’ve done and pricing. Let me know if you have something I can make for you!


~I finally was able to order a new sewing machine, as the one I’ve got died. Unfortunately, the snow has it delayed so my 2 day shipping has turned into it’ll-get-here-when-the-weather-cooperates. Lol. I guess that’ll give me a chance to make space and do a little organizing in the craft room.


~I finally bugged Garrett enough to cut up some wood for me. I found a picture and bought some string to do a string art collection for above our bed. I’ve got the boards painted, now I just need to print out the template and get the nails in so that I can finish the project. Hopefully it’ll turn out as cool as I’m imagining it ūüôā


~Next week I’ve got a HYDA scan scheduled to see how well/not well my gallbladder is working. My Dr. doesn’t think its working very well and is blocked a bit and it’s put me in the ER with pain from the cramping so hopefully the scan will show that I need it removed. I fear that only then will I get relief from the abdominal pain I’ve been in.


That’s some of the stuff that’s been going on in our house, now buzz around, see what you think, then click on these links for a peek into some other homes:

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Blog Challenge: Secret Subject Swap

Welcome to a Secret Subject Swap! This week, 15 brave bloggers picked a secret subject for someone else and were assigned a secret subject to interpret in their own style. Today we are all simultaneously divulging our topics and submitting our posts.

My subject is ‚ÄúWhat did you want to be as a Child? Did you achieve it?‚ÄĚ It was submitted by Stacey at http://stacysewsandschools.blogspot.com/¬†Here goes:

When I was a child, I wanted to grow up to work with kids. I’ve always loved kids and wanted to spend as much time with them as possible. As I grew up, I figured out that the best way to work with kids would be to become a teacher. In high school, I took every possible class that had to do with kids in some way. I took a parenting class, a child development class, and a couple of preschool classes where we actually hosted and taught preschool kids (with a teacher supervisor, of course).

I then applied to a few colleges based on their education departments. I really wanted to go to, and was accepted to Illinois State University. One of my high school teachers recommended it as a great education school and after doing more research, I learned that he was right. In Illinois, and most of the country, ISU is known for a fantastic education department that creates excellent teachers. I knew someone there who came to ISU from Maryland, as ISU had one of the best programs for the Special Education field she was specializing in.

After a few years of general education classes and a few teaching classes, I realized that my heart wasn’t for education. I still loved kids, and wanted to work with them somehow, but not in a classroom setting. I think part of it too, was all the political baloney that we kept learning about, what teachers had to go through and how requirements and standards changed so frequently. I’m not saying that can’t be a good thing, but I wanted (and still do want) to work with kids. Can’t I do that in a way that’s simpler than lesson plans, and standardized tests and teacher institute days?


So I changed my major so that I could still graduate with a college degree but ¬†eventually ended up leaving ISU without any degree and moving to Kentucky to help take care of family. It’s a good thing though, cause I met my amazing husband here and I’ll trade a college degree for an awesome husband any day.

So I wanted to be a teacher, but I did not achieve it, but found an amazing husband instead ūüôā

Now that you’ve read my Secret Subject Swap, take a look at the other bloggers who’ve participated (and find the one who got my subject!)

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Hello all!

How’s life been with you? It’s been a little nuts here. I’ve been having some very weird abdominal pain and some digestive issues, and after spending time in the ER yesterday, found out that I have a UTI and my gallbladder may be going out on me. I’ve got an ultrasound scheduled for tomorrow to check for gallstones, and if there are none (which my Dr doesn’t think there will be) then we do a hydra scan to see how well/not well the gallbladder is working (which Dr doesn’t think it’s working very well at all, given how much pain I’ve been in) and based on that result, I’ll most likely have to have my gallbladder removed.

Besides dealing with all this pain, not much else is going on. Garrett’s still working, I’m trying to go to work if I can handle the pain. I’m just glad that our family Dr and his PA have an idea of what’s causing all the pain and are working on trying to get it fixed for me. For now, I’m trying to find bland and grease-free foods to eat that won’t cause me pain and hope and pray that after the ultrasound tomorrow, they can get the other scan scheduled quickly so I won’t have to be in pain for much longer.

Also, be on the lookout tomorrow for my first blog challenge entry. I’ve joined up with a group of ladies who blog and have some monthly challenges and the first one will post in the morning!


Hello Friends!


How’s life going with you? Not bad here. I’ve been having some fun with yarn and my crochet hooks, so much so that I started a little shop to sell crocheted hats, scarves, and other fun things. There isn’t much product yet, as I’m just now getting to tweak patterns/adjust sizing and all that, but as I create new things, I’ve been putting them on the facebook page. Check it out at


And if you have something you need/would like that isn’t on the site, just talk to me, as I can probably work it out for you. I had someone ask me today if I could make a mermaid blanket for her daughter’s birthday and so that may be in the works soon ūüôā

Other than the new crochet projects, I’ve been dealing with some weird digestive issues which is a pain in the tush, so hopefully my intestines will get their act together and chill out for me.

I also definitely didn’t realize that the Super Bowl was this weekend, so have fun celebrating all of you who watch and cheer and all that ūüôā

Have a good weekend, friends!



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