Hello Again

Hello friends!

I know its been a while, but I just didn’t know how to write down what has been going on in our lives. 2016 has been a very rough year for us.

January started with Garrett’s Dad, Bill, passing away very suddenly. Then on the day we buried him (also the anniversary of Garrett’s parents), Garrett’s Aunt, Andy, died. And  when we came home from Andy’s visitation, we found our lovely bird, Icarus, dead in his cage. So January was a rough month for us.

I had a job that started right after that, that I left as Garrett’s mom wasn’t handling being home by herself very well. At this point Garrett was still working from home, but 3rd shift, so slept all day while I was working and my mother-in-law just wasn’t handling it well.

The next job I got was through a temp agency, and promised to last from April to July, but lasted all of 2 weeks. I started a new job again, in a call center, and after getting 4 calls back to back where I was yelled at, I had a panic attack and had to go home. Then the next day, just driving back to work, caused another, so I resigned to make sure I didn’t have panic attacks each day.

I found a new job in August and they over hired, so was gone from there  in 3 weeks, but that was right in time for school to start. Yeah, I decided to go back to school, and finally got all the financial aid straightened out, so I’m now attending Somerset Community College for an Associate’s degree in Medical Office Management. It’s a short 2 year track, and I can do it all online, making it perfect for me to work part-time on campus, and hopefully I’ll get word on that job asap as I just had the interview the other day and the lady definitely wants me, it just has to be approved by the work study guy.

Garrett lost his job in June when the company accepted his resignation early, after putting him through a lot of hell and making him jump through unnecessary hoops. He told them, in June, that he’d be leaving sometime in August for a different position (one that the offer was later rescinded) and the company decided to resign him a week later instead.

Along with job issues, I’ve had some health issues. I’ve had some serious stomach and throat issues, making my doctor think that taking my gallbladder out last year wasn’t helpful nor necessary to aid in my stomach problems. I had a CT the other day, and am scheduled for a scope next week, to help figure out what could be wrong.

I saw one ENT for my throat, and he thinks the pain is caused by acid erosion. My primary doctor sees me when my tonsils are huge, so is sending me to a new ENT to see if this one will take my tonsils out, or come up with a better strategy than “magic mouthwash” to help my throat issues. Not an ideal surgery to have as an adult, but better than chronic sore throat the rest of my life.

Jack turned one this year, and is as cute as ever. We took a trip up to Chicago to help Grandma prepare for a garage sale and he was able to spend some time with the family and get lots of love from them. Usually its just me going to Chicago to see family, so it was nice that time to have all 3 of us go and get to see people.

So that’s 2016 so far, I’ve had some good things happen too, but that includes videos, so will be the next post.





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