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There’s a fly on the wall!

Hello friends! Its been a while, but I’ve been just so darn busy or having mental issues, sorry!

But its time for another fly on the wall post, some brief glimpses into what’s been going on this last month. Take a read and then check out the other lovely ladies also participating 🙂

~Last week of May, I got laid off. Too many people hired, and since I was in the last batch of new hires, I got the boot. Cue a very frustrating new job search. It started with going back to GDIT (where I worked last year during open enrollment for the Affordable Care Act, and ended up leaving because I missed so much time due to my gallbladder freaking out and trying to figure all that stuff out) for a new job fair they were having. I did the interview, and was ONE word (yes) from getting the job but then I was informed that the company changed the re-hire policy and they had to wait a YEAR before rehiring me, instead of the traditional 90 days. And this policy changed 3 days before I got there. Urg. So I kept looking but kept hearing NOTHING. It got really frustrating. I was feeling very down, and very inadequate, but then I got a call from GDIT last week. They said the policy changed AGAIN and I could come in for my offer letter and schedule. So the almost 2 weeks of stress and hearing nothing worked out, but I could have really done without that stress 🙂

~Around the time that was going on, my birth control rx ran out and now I’ve been dealing with the Dr office and the Pharmacy in order to get it filled. Meanwhile, the longer I’m off it, the more crazy my hormones are making me. Seriously, the smallest thing will get me down and sad, when normally it wouldn’t be that big of a deal. So wish me luck that I get this resolved soon.

~Garrett and I have figured out that now that I have a job again, we have the money to move out of his parent’s house and into a house with some friends. Yes, we’re moving from one set of roommates to another, but at least our friends won’t yell at me and make me feel incompetent. Its a huge house (4 beds, 2 baths, 2 living rooms, 3 car garage) and everyone is cool with me setting up a craft area so that I can still do all my sewing.

~I’ve been sewing up a storm lately in order to get my online shop up and running. We originally thought I’d need it for regular income, but now that I’ve got the job at GDIT, I can use this as extra income and for fun. I really do enjoy being able to spend time in my craft room every day, especially since I don’t start training at GDIT till 7/6.

~The Shop has been opened!!! Check out Icarus a la Mode to see the etsy shop I’ve started and have stuff for sale. More things will be added soon!

~Garrett’s parents went to Florida last week. They’ll be down there for his mom to have some cancer treatments at the Mayo clinic that’s close to where my sister-in-law lives. Its a MUCH better hospital than UK (the closest good one to us) for the type of cancer she has, so we’ll probably see them again in late July/early August when they get back. She still works for the school district and school starts August 6th and she wants to be back for that, so we’ll see what happens. But do us a favor and keep her in your prayers!

~Garrett’s job switched him to night shift (10pm-7am) which he loves but was weird at first for me. But since I’m not working right now, my sleep schedule has been getting closer to his. Like last night, I laid down about 2:30 and was reading my book for a bit. Well, I ended up finishing the book, and when I went to pee one more time before going to sleep, Garrett’s first statement was “what are you still doing up?” to which I reply “I just finished my book. Why, what time is it?” and he tells me “Almost 6.” I didn’t feel that tired, but I haven’t stayed up that late (early?) I think ever, so that was new. But training at GDIT will be 7am-3:30pm and my shift will be 6:30am-3pm so I need to work on getting used to waking up early again. Good thing I have a week or 2 to do it!

~Happy Father’s day to all the fathers, father figures and awesome dudes in our lives. I know its a tad early, but I don’t want to forget 🙂

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