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Hi friends! I’m doing something a little different today, its another challenge from BakingInATornado, where we get a list of 4-6 words and have to use them all in the post.

The words I got are: hot, garden, humidity, breeze, rain and basketball. They were submitted by

Garrett and I have been doing well lately. Since becoming friends with Sarah and an “aunt” to her kids, I’ve started to tag along to her son’s soccer games. Its fun to watch, and definitely reminds me of when I used to watch my little brother’s soccer and baseball games. It also made me sad I’ve been missing all my cousin’s basketball games. The only issue? I get sunburn when I go :/ The first week I went, it was a beautiful day. Sarah and I prepared to be cold, cause the soccer field is in this weird vortex where it’s always 20 degrees colder than everywhere les, but that day it got HOT! Both Sarah and I got a lil sweaty, and when I got home, I discovered a little pink on my arm, nose, and forehead. And because of the angle to the sun, it as all on the left side of me.

Fast forward to this past weekend, when I decided to go to another game, but the weather was saying it was going to be 89 degrees that day. So I prepped by wearing capris, sandals and a comfy shirt so if it got ridiculously hot again, I wouldn’t feel too bad. Boy was I wrong. Not only did we sweat, the sun roasted me. By the end of the day, I looked like a lobster. For the most part, I was able to ease the pain with cool washcloths, but there’s a spot on my shoulder that has been irritated by any and all pieces of fabric this week.

Saturday night we went to dinner with the family, for my mother-in-law’s birthday, and pre-prom dinner for our cousin. It was a nice dinner, but apparently no one told us the correct time, despite several checks beforehand. As Garrett and I like to be a tad early to things, and the family tends to be late, for a  it, we just thought they were really late. Not this time. We were told dinner was at 5:3, so we got there about 5:20. Apparently the real dinner time was for 6, but the whole family wasn’t there till about 6:20. After waiting about an hour for everyone to show up,  Garrett wanted to leave (totally understandable) but we stayed, and it was nice.

On Sunday, for Mother’s day, we went to Williamsburg to the Cumberland Inn and Patriot Restaurant. It was a very nice place, good food, and Garrett drove me around the town afterwards, as he knows I like to check out places I haven’t been to before. We drove around the campus of The University of the Cumberlands, and I got to admire their buildings, fountains and gardens. We were fortunate too, that there was a good breeze going on, as our car’s air conditioning is broke and it was about 90 degrees that day. There was high humidity that day too, but we were fortunate that rain on Monday got rid of most of that.

That was our weekend, now take some time to read the other bloggers and see what words they used!                        Baking In A Tornado                  Spatulas on Parade                 The Bergham’s Life Chronicles                                          The Momisodes            Stacy Sews and Schools                             Sparkly Poetic Weirdo          Eileen’s Perpetually Busy                           Battered Hope                     Southern Belle Charm                     Someone Else’s Genius                          Confessions of a part-time working mom                     Climaxed                 Searching for Sanity              Evil Joy Speaks


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8 thoughts on “Using your words

  1. I totally feel for you, I’ve had some really bad burns too. When my son first went up to college this fall we would video chat. Hadn’t heard from him and texted him to chat us. He said he would but not to say anything about how he looks. When we chatted I realized why. He’d gone to a football game and was red as a lobster.

  2. Ouch for your sunburn!
    Sounds like otherwise you were having a nice time!

  3. And what an awesome Aunt to the kids you are!!! They adore your face off, just like I do. Thank you for enduring that heat with me!!! That makes you so much more awesome!

  4. HUGS for the sunburn!!!!
    Glad the rest of the time was better! 😉

  5. Sounds like a good weekend 🙂

  6. OUCH~ Sunscreen in my purse always…….Sounds like a busy weekend

  7. Carol Graham says:

    You made me remember the pain of sunburn — something I have not had in many years. Be careful next time 🙂

  8. someoneelsesgenius says:

    If you want more rain, we’ve got plenty to share!

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