May Craftiness

Hello friends!

Sorry it’s been a while since I’ve posted, I’m finding it hard to have interesting things to write about when all I feel like I do is work all the time.

But, there’s been some fun stuff going on so I’ll share that!

While working (aka sitting in training and listening to people ask the same questions 10 times even though we’ve been over the info 15 times) I’ve been crocheting to keep my sanity. I’ve seen all sorts of patterns for Amigurumi or crochet critters as I’ve been calling them and I started my first pattern, a bunny.

Springtime Bunny

Springtime Bunny

I was in the process of making him over a few days, and when I first showed him to Garrett with just a head, ears, and body, he decided to claim and make the bunny his, once he was finished. Garrett’s only request was a blue tail instead of purple:

Blue bunny tail!

Blue bunny tail!

So he got a blue tail and this little guy has sat with Garrett at his desk ever since 🙂

Over the weekend, Garrett and I hung out with some friends, Bryan and Kim. Kim was the one who Sarah and I threw a baby shower for, and it was nice to see them and all their boys. We went to lunch on Saturday for Bryan’s Birthday and then hung out at our house since the weather was so nice! Plus, I got to hold Baby Sam and I was in heaven!

Me and Sam, hanging out at the restaurant

Me and Sam, hanging out at the restaurant

Not the greatest picture, but holding babies are more important than selfie 🙂

And then later Bryan, Kim and the boys came over to our house and we all sat outside, chatted and watched the older boys go through our game collection and run around the yard.

After dinner and a diaper change, I got to snuggle with Baby Sam some more:

Cuddle monkey!

Cuddle monkey!

I was thrilled and in complete heaven, just sitting with Baby Sam in my arms and chatting with everyone.

On Sunday, I took a trip down to JoAnn fabrics as they started a huge Mother’s day sale, that put every bolt of fabric in the store on sale (score!!). I found this delight on sale:

Dress pattern!

Dress pattern!

As Garrett and I have a wedding to go to later this month, and I can’t find a dress I like anywhere, I decided to put my sewing skills to the test and make my own dress.

Monday and Tuesday after work found me holed up in my craft room, cutting and sewing away. After a brief consultation with Cj, (my God-mother, who taught me to sew) about a confusing bit of the pattern, I finally got it done!

Almost done

Almost done

And here it is!

All finished!

All finished!

I’m really excited cause its pretty, comfortable and was not that hard to make. It’s definitely something I can wear all summer, and dress up for the wedding in a few weeks. Plus, this patter is so quick that I can keep a look out for more fabric like this and make more versions of this dress, using the longer hem options or even the short sleeve options.

That’s all for now, but come back FRIDAY MAY 8th for the SECRET SUBJECT SWAP post and FRIDAY MAY 15th for a new USE YOUR WORDS post!


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One thought on “May Craftiness

  1. mamarabia says:

    I’m on the lookout for a pattern like that: something easy to whop up that I can make in all different patterns and wear all summer. Also for shorts for my kids. I’ve give up trying to find ones that fit in the store. I’ll just make them!

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