Short Week in Photos

So this week was a bit harder, as I was doing so much work in the basement I just got too tired to take pictures. Or forgot to take pictures of the cool stuff going on. So this week’s collection is smaller than I’d like. Oh well.

This week we found out that Garrett’s Mom & Dad were coming back to Ky as Mom needed to get her heart stronger before the doctor would treat her cancer. So they came home yesterday so that Mom can finish working the rest of the school year and work on getting her heart stronger.  Since they came home, and the 4 of us can’t live upstairs together comfortably, Garrett and I needed to move back downstairs.

So on Monday when we got this news, we ripped up the wet carpets in the basement and got them out to the dump. While Garrett went to work, I rearranged the living area in the basement and started to move our stuff back downstairs. Tuesday we got Garrett’s work stuff moved back downstairs so he could work at his own desk. We got the internet fixed and then found out that our Satellite wasn’t working. We originally thought it was due to all the rain we’d been getting (which also wasn’t flooding our basement, hooray!) but Dish said it was a switch or device issue, so they scheduled us a tech to come out Thursday.

Wednesday had me finishing up getting our stuff from upstairs to downstairs and I finally got a few pictures then:

New Living Room Layout

New Living Room Layout


Other side of the Living Room

Other side of the Living Room


Then Thursday Garrett and I ran some errands before he went to work, and we got lunch from up the road, which included Chocolate Cake for Dessert 🙂

So Yummy!!!

So Yummy!!!


Friday saw me cleaning and trying to get the upstairs ready for Mom and Dad, Saturday Garrett went to Louisville with some friends and I went to a Mary Kay party. Mom and Dad are finally home and since Kandi, Jason and Jaden came up with them, we’re celebrating Jaden’s birthday (3-18) tonight with the family and I’m hoping to get some good pictures then.


Sorry its a boring week, but at least I remembered to take some pictures!


Oh! I also found out that I got the work at home job I applied for! It starts April 1st and its full time, so it’ll be nice to have 2 incomes coming in again 🙂



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