A Fly on the Wall

Today’s blog is another group project, our “Fly on the Wall” Posts. We give you a glimpse of what you’d see if you were a fly on the wall in our homes. Give mine a read and then check out the links to see what’s going on in other houses!

~Tax return money came in, so Garrett and I were able to have a little fun. We went to Lexington on Saturday to hang out and walk around and enjoy spending time with each other.


~Valentine’s day was pretty chill here, we did go to dinner with Garrett’s parents at a local place that had a nice dinner deal going on: 2 steaks, 4 sides and a strawberry cheesecake dessert to split. It was delicious and the restaurant was giving out carnations to the ladies.


~We’ve survived the snow-pocalypse here in Kentucky. I went out and shoveled a path from the bottom door to the trash can and cleared a path from the front door to the van so that we may be able to get out of the house. They’re saying we could get another 1-3 inches, so who knows what’ll happen.


~Garrett’s Sister is planning on coming up to London this weekend, so she can drive Mom & Dad-in-law to Florida for them to visit with them for a while. Hopefully the snow we’ve got and snow we may get won’t mess these plans up too much.


~I’ve been working on a bunch more crochet projects, I just have to get them together, photograph them and post them online. Don’t forget to check out Creations by Cole for samples of what I’ve done and pricing. Let me know if you have something I can make for you!


~I finally was able to order a new sewing machine, as the one I’ve got died. Unfortunately, the snow has it delayed so my 2 day shipping has turned into it’ll-get-here-when-the-weather-cooperates. Lol. I guess that’ll give me a chance to make space and do a little organizing in the craft room.


~I finally bugged Garrett enough to cut up some wood for me. I found a picture and bought some string to do a string art collection for above our bed. I’ve got the boards painted, now I just need to print out the template and get the nails in so that I can finish the project. Hopefully it’ll turn out as cool as I’m imagining it 🙂


~Next week I’ve got a HYDA scan scheduled to see how well/not well my gallbladder is working. My Dr. doesn’t think its working very well and is blocked a bit and it’s put me in the ER with pain from the cramping so hopefully the scan will show that I need it removed. I fear that only then will I get relief from the abdominal pain I’ve been in.


That’s some of the stuff that’s been going on in our house, now buzz around, see what you think, then click on these links for a peek into some other homes:

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8 thoughts on “A Fly on the Wall

  1. YAY for a yummy Valentine’s Day dinner!!!
    HUGS for all the snow!!! We have about 8″ and expecting another 1/2″ today right at rush hour.

  2. Your day in Lexington and your Valentine’s dinner sound perfect. Time with those you love is priceless.

  3. You forgot to mention hanging out with your awesome friend Sarah….lol.

  4. Fingers crossed for a positive outcome at the doctor.
    Cursing the snow for you. Especially if it’s slowing down the delivery of a sewing machine !

  5. someoneelsesgenius says:

    Good luck with the gallbladder… and the snow. I hope your sewing machine gets there soon!

  6. Karen says:

    Good luck with your scan, sending positive thoughts. I love to crochet and wish I did it more. Valentine;s Day dinner sounds lovely

  7. justalittlenutty says:

    Sorry about the snow. 😛
    Hurray for the new sewing machine and fantastic getaway! The string art project sounds like a blast!

  8. Carol Graham says:

    How happy you will be to have winter……GONE. But what fun sewing on those winter days, right?

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