How’d it get to be 2015?

Well, it’s been an awfully long time. There’s been plenty going on but I guess I tend to feel like no one cares. Oh well, this should be for me not “them” so here I go.

August saw the start of a job for me. I’m working in a call center, helping people get enrolled in the Affordable Care Act. It isn’t glamorous, and some days I get cussed out (like today) but then other days I really help people and it’s great to hear. I especially love when people ask for my direct extension, though we don’t have one, so that they can call me back every time they have issues. We’re not sure how long this job will last past February 15th, but its a job for now so I’ll take it and when it ends, I’ll look for something else.

In October Garrett started his work-at-home job as a Supervisor for a team that replies to emails that people send into Starbucks. It works out well as he can check in with Mom & Dad and with only one car for the 2 of us, him working at home means we don’t have to work out a travel schedule.

Thanksgiving was celebrated at Cousin Debbie’s, who made delicious food and we had a great time with the family that could make it.

Christmas was a smaller celebration, with Christmas Eve hosted by Aunt Sandy and then we opened presents with Mom & Dad before going out for Chinese food for lunch on Christmas Day. Hopefully in the future, we’ll be able to alternate spending theh9olidays with my family in Chicago. Its a goal at least 🙂

October also started the tooth pain fiasco that I’ve been dealing with. What started as a couple of fillings turned into a suspected infection and bite adjustment. Then the pain became pretty much constant and that lead me to dentist number 2 and a verdict of “girding and clenching” which is hard to do when I’m a mouth breather, and have been my whole life. Fortunately the pain went a way for a while but then came back with a vengeance in December. I got really good at eating soft foods, warm foods and only using one side of my mouth. Then the day after Christmas the pain got so bad I was in tears, despite lots of pain killers. So Garrett called his old dentist (#3 at this point) who thought, again, it was an infection and said go to the ER, asap. Well, the ER had a 6 hour wait to get a bed and an 8-9 hour wait to see a doctor (it is flu season, after all) so we got me some drugstore numbing stuff and in the morning I went to Urgent care. They suspected infection so one antibiotic shot and prescription later and I made the follow-up dentist appointment

That appointment discovered the pulp of the back molar being very high and the filling possibly irritating the pulp and thus causing pain. So he drilled the filling out (which was deeper than the x-rays showed, further reaffirming his theory) and gave me a temporary one until I could get a root canal. Well, root canal had to be done by a specialist and it’d take 2 weeks for that to happen. And for a while I thought I could wait that long, but after 4-5 days of constant pain, being woken up in the middle of the night from pain, and lots of Tylenol with codeine, I called and was able to schedule an extraction sooner than the root canal.

And after I got a handle on the tooth pain, I came down with sinus and ear infections! Fortunately more antibiotics are clearing that out nicely. Though I feel even more now that I need to follow up with an Ear/Nose/Throat doctor. The sinus infection started with my tonsils getting so swollen they were almost touching, and I wasn’t able to talk. So that’s something I’d definitely like to take care of 🙂

Tooth extraction is tomorrow, so wish me luck. Otherwise I’m going to try and post more in 2015!

Happy new year, friends!


One thought on “How’d it get to be 2015?

  1. Elaine Owen says:

    Glad to hear from you again on here. I thought you’d just given it up! Love you guys, when we gonna do Christmas??? lo,

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