New Adventure

On July 10 Garrett & I moved to London, KY, into the basement apartment at his parent’s house. We were originally going to move down here in May when his sister & brother-in-law moved out, but with Garrett’s promising job at Microsoft, and my consistent job, we decided to stay in Lexington.

Fast forward to July. I was miserable at my job, and Garrett was getting about 20 hours a week at Microsoft. So we were both miserable, broke and had no idea what to do. The week before the move, Garrett’s parent’s large screen TV had fallen over, and then a few days later their sink exploded. We weren’t able to come down to help them fix it, and that was eating Garrett up. We both felt bad that his parent’s were alone with no one super close to help them out, and while we were only about an hour and a half away, if we didn’t have the money for gas, we couldn’t come down.

So I was getting over being sick, and dragging my feet to get to work when Garrett brought up the idea to me, then we discussed it and called his parents to chat about it. I remember hearing Bill ask, “can you come down today?” And we said we’d like to but don’t  have the funds. So Donna & Bill rented a trailer, grabbed the truck and headed to Lexington to get us. So we packed up our stuff and the car while we waited for them, and then we loaded up the trailer and truck and moved to London. From the time we made the call to the time we were unloaded in London, it was about 9 hours.

Since then, Garrett and I have been looking for jobs and last week we went on vacation with Bill & Donna to visit Garrett’s sister, Kandi, her husband Jason, and their son Jaden. Donna started school again today (students start Thursday) so we got about 4 days in Florida before Donna started school.

We’re still looking for jobs, though Garrett is planning on getting his old business up and running, while I’m still hoping for a nice office job somewhere.

Stay tuned for the entry about our vacation!



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