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Restaurant Review- Bella Notte, Lexington Ky

So a few weeks back, Garrett and I were in the midst of our usual food dilemma- where to eat that we haven’t had in a while? (as we’re creatures of habit) So we tried, Bella Notte as I’d heard it was amazing Italian food and was able to convince Garrett to try it with me. Italian is usually iffy for him as he’s allergic to garlic and its pretty hard not to find garlic in an Italian place. Needless to say, we were very impressed. Here’s why:

First up, bread. I’m a carb fanatic, so any place with bread makes me happy. I’m even happier when its good bread. And it was good! Here’s a pic:


It was warm and delicious and soft in the inside and crunch on the outside and just yummy.

Next up, was the appetizer we tried. We tried the Frito Misto which is fried calamari, fior de latte & zucchini “fries” with dill shallot, chipotle and marinara sauces. Very good! Really good calamari, the fior de latte were little fried cheese nuggets and the fried zucchini strips were delicious. Garrett really loved the chipotle sauce but they were definitely all good. Check it out:


Garrett also tried the salad, which was nice and fresh and light and perfect for a hot summer night. Take a look:


He was even nice enough to share with me 🙂

Entrées were amazing! Garrett got the Penne Gorgonzola which is wood fire grilled chicken, bacon, sun dried tomatoes & a gorgonzola cream sauce. Very tasty. See?


And I got the Scallops special, which was scallops in a light cream sauce with chili flakes and angel hair pasta. It was a bit spicy for me (my mouth went numb) but it was so good that it was worth it. Check it out:



And that was our meal! It was delightful and delicious and our waitress was awesome and then we found out there’s a reward club so we can earn free food for eating there and they’ll send us offers for our birthdays and anniversary 🙂


If you get to Lexington and are looking for good Italian food, definitely check out Bella Notte


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