The Newest Disney Member

Our little family grew this weekend! While out and about we stopped by PETsMART to look at the cute dogs that were available for adoption and stopped by the Parakeet cages. Garrett had a parakeet for the longest time and he unfortunately died right around when we got together, so I never met him. I know how much he misses Ricky and so we always look at the parakeets at PETsMART. Well, on Sunday when we were there, we found the most beautiful albino parakeet and as Garrett fell in love instantly, I found one of the employees so that we could take him home.  🙂

We then took him on a small road trip to London, to meet Mamaw and Papaw and to get the cage Garrett already had. While he was still in the carrier and we didn’t know what gender he was, we came up with names for both male and female. But we got a good look at him and found out he’s a boy! So Icarus Evan Disney has joined our clan and we’re super excited about it.

He’s taken to me a bit more than Garrett, which surprises us both, but he’s adjusting well, minus the fact he hasn’t eaten yet. But all the research says it can take 1-2 days for them to start eating, so we’re keeping a close eye on him.

And no announcement like this would be complete without pictures, so here they are!


Sittin on momma’s hand


Posing for the camera


He crawled up there all by himself!


New home with Mommy & Daddy


Taking a look at Mamaw & Papaw’s puzzle, and ignoring Daddy


Hanging out by the mirror


What’s with all the pictures mom?

So that’s our new featherbaby!

We also got to hang out with Josh, one of Garrett’s friends from London this weekend, and had an awesome sushi dinner. And I was sent home from work today, as I’m feeling like crud and the girls didn’t want to catch whatever I’ve got. I’m pretty sure there’s a combination of allergies and some sort of swollen tonsils going on, so my head hurts, my nose is stuffed and my throat is raw. No fun for me, but I’ll be resting today and get to keep an eye on Icarus.



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