Today marks the opening day of the new Microsoft Kiosk in Fayette Mall, aka Garrett’s new place of employment! He was flown out to Denver for 5 days of training, came back with some awesome free goodies and has been working non-stop at the mall in order to prepare for the opening day.

I’ve heard a ton of fun stories from Garrett, and its so nice to see him excited and happy to be at work. He’s also loving his new windows phone and the Microsoft Surface he got. I’ll admit, I’m loving the new surface too (I’ve created this blog on it, and I’m writing this post on it) 🙂

I’ve been lucky enough to meet some of his co-workers and they’re an awesome bunch. I’m looking forward to using them as testers of various baked goods that I may come up with.

My job is a boring data entry position, but it pays the bills and I can listen to music to keep me going. And the girls I work with are pretty great too.

Random other stuff going on in our lives:
~ My Aunt is taking care of a dog that we’ll adopt once we get our own place. We’re very excited to be able to call Presley our own.
~ We’re looking for our own place. While we love living where we are, we’d like to be on our own and have Presley with us.
~ Garrett just got a new Warhammer army that we’re trying to find a paint scheme for. He’s now the owner of Tyranids, which he’s wanted to play for a long time now.

So, yeah. We’re kind of boring. But I’m going to try and take more pictures while we’re out doing stuff and then I can add those to these blogs so they’re not so boring.

Till next time,



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