New Updates

Hello again!

It’s been a while since I’ve updated anything so here goes:

Surgery went well. I only stayed in the hospital overnight and then went home. At my one week follow up, I had lost 14 pounds! I then started my guided diet that slowly got my stomach used to liquids then soft foods then more solid foods and now I can eat whatever my stomach can tolerate.

Right after my 6 week mark (which meant less risk of leaking and I was able to have certain meds again) I developed a raging pain in my lower right side. The pain was so bad I thought my appendix had ruptured, so off to the ER we went. Turns out, I had a kidney stone. A lovely 4mm little booger that was the worst pain I’d ever felt. The ER sent me home with pain meds so that I could pass the stone on my own, and a referral for a urologist. When Monday rolled around, Garrett called them for me and they got me an appointment for Friday of that week.

So I tried to manage the pain and pass the kidney stone, but that was not in the cards for me. I spent 2 days with nausea and dry heaving and had so much trouble keeping anything in my system. By Wednesday, I was worried that hardly being able to eat or drink was going to mess up my newly altered stomach, so I put a call into my Sleeve Doctor. She told me that if I couldn’t keep things in my system, I needed to go back to the ER.

It’s now Wednesday afternoon and off to the ER we go. After 3 liters of fluids and another pregnancy test, they did a CT scan and confirmed that the kidney stone was still there. But with the pain I was in, and the struggle with eating and drinking, the hospital in London called the hospital in Somerset, as they had a Urologist on call. Somerset said send her over, so I was discharged from London, and Garrett took me to the hospital in Somerset.

Once there, the hospitalist did a quick eval and got me hooked up with pain meds (thank goodness) and told me the Urologist would be in to see me soon. It was after midnight by this point and they were all pretty sure I’d have surgery later that day, so I was hooked up to fluids but wasn’t allowed anything to eat or drink.

In addition, each time I was at the ER, they discovered that I had a potassium deficiency so the Somerset hospital also added potassium to my IV (holy cow does that burn!) and they gave me antibiotics as well.

Around 7 Thursday morning, the Urologist came in and told me he’d do surgery that afternoon to take the stone out and put a stent in. Pain meds and fluids were keeping me sane so I just waited patiently for them to take me off to surgery. The surgery went well, even if the stent felt weird and I stayed in the hospital Thursday night for observation and fluids. Friday morning I was discharged and sent home with appointments with both my PCP and the Urologist for follow ups.

I spent the weekend getting used to the stent and sleeping. A LOT. And dealing with numbness that occasionally popped up and had started the first time I was in the ER.

Monday I got to see my PCP and he was mostly concerned with the potassium deficiency as the kidney stone had been taken care of. Plus the new list of symptoms that included tiredness, lack of focus, lack of energy and the numbness were all thought to be caused by the potassium deficiency. So  he ordered a supplement for me to help get my levels back into the normal range.

1 week after that initial appointment I still felt tired all the time, can’t focus, have little energy and just feel ugh. So now my PCP is testing my thyroid and we’re working to get better nutrition into my system to see if that helps.

The stent came out and I’m so glad I don’t have to deal with that feeling anymore. But then it started to hurt when I ate solid foods. So I called my sleeve doctor to see if they had any recommendations. They said come see us in the office, and we’re going to schedule you for a scope.

Wednesday this week I saw my sleeve doctor and based on what I told her, she thinks I may have an ulcer, but the scope is scheduled for next week to find out for sure what’s going on. She may take biopsies of my stomach while they’re in there, which is fine with me, because at this point, I just want to feel better. So I’m being super careful with what I’m eating so I don’t have more pain, and I get to pick up some meds today that should help if I actually have an ulcer.

Despite the not great eating habits the last few weeks, I am down 43 pounds since surgery, so I’m grateful for that. I am so ready to be able to eat normally and work out again so that I can really concentrate on losing this weight in a healthy way. I’m not 100% sure of what my goal weight is, as I think it will depend on how I feel and what works for my body, but I will be very happy when I can say that I’m under 200 pounds.

So that’s been my life the last few weeks and most of the reason I haven’t done much online or talked to many people. Hopefully the scope on Thursday will show something that’s fixable, otherwise I’ll probably be off to a GI doctor to see what they can do.

Happy belated Valentine’s day, and hope you all have a great weekend!



The journey of a thousand miles….

Begins with one step. And that one major step for me will take place tomorrow. I will be having Gastric Sleeve surgery as a tool for weight loss and my overall health. I’ve been struggling with my weight my whole life and have used traditional methods to try and lose weight, mainly diet and exercise. I did this with the guidance of my doctor and never managed to lose more than 15 pounds before other physical issues came up that prevented me from continuing with the exercise. My doctor also suggested diet medication that helped curve my appetite for about a month before it stopped working. So earlier this year, he brought up a surgical tool as a weight loss aid and that led me to the Baptist Health Bariatric team.

With my insurance I had to have a psych evaluation and a few other medical clearance tests to qualify for this surgery. I definitely understand all the tests and and especially the psych eval. Fortunately for me, I’m doing this surgery for the right reasons and know that this is a tool and not a cure for my weight and I was able to pass all the required tests.

So for the last 2 weeks I’ve been on a diet to shrink my liver and today I’m on an all liquid diet before surgery tomorrow. I’ve got a whole shower and prep process I have to do tonight to help prevent surgery and then in the morning I’m off to Richmond for the first step of the rest of my life.

They will get me up and walking not long after I wake up and they will want me to walk a lot to prevent blood clots and to work the air out of my system (since the surgery is laparoscopic). I will be in the hospital overnight as they will check for leaking Thursday morning before they let me come home.

I’ll then have about 6 weeks of regulated diets that start with clear liquids then slowly work up to semi-solid foods then canned meats then ground meets and eventually full foods again. I’ll have to wait about 3 months before I can have steak again but I do get to eat carbs later on (as long as its the right kind of carbs).

So that’s the big update here. Prayers and good wishes are appreciated and I’ll keep you updated as I’m able.


A New Walk for Me

Hello again!

So recently I re-started my walk with Christ and started going to church again.

Garrett’s mom has gone to the same church for years (the one we got married in), and I wasn’t interested in going for the longest time, but one day something in me changed, and I wanted to go. So I started to go with her, and even got Garrett to come with!

I love Bart, the minister we have at church, and I learn something every week from him. I really appreciate that the sermons make sense to me and I’m not intimidated by the word of God. I bought myself a new bible (I had one but it got lost in the many moves I’ve made over the years) and did some research into whether I was baptized or christened as a baby.

I found out I was baptized as a baby, so I asked to join the church and place my membership there. Once I did that, I had a meeting with Bart as he likes to make sure that people know that there’s more to being a church member than just showing up on Sunday mornings. One of his sermons was so on point for me at this time as he discussed the mission of our church: Love God. Grow in Jesus. Serve the World. Now for a newbie for me, this list made sense in words, but I wasn’t sure how to accomplish this in act. Fortunately for me his sermon gave me a list of ways to Grow in Jesus: 1. Read your bible. 2. Regularly attend Church. 3. Find a community group. 4. Get baptized. 5. Give. 6. Share Christ. 7. Serve.

Hooray for me for being a part of a church where our minister seems to know what to say so that I understand what I can do. So I’m working my way through this list. I read my bible (starting in the New Testament has made a HUGE difference for me), and I go to church every weekend (I actually look forward to it. What a difference from me being a kid!) but I wasn’t sure about the community group part. But Bart told me about some of the classes that our church offers, and I’ve found a Sunday School group that I enjoy and appreciate. I’ve also started helping out with the children’s ministry. I’ve helped teach the preschool class for the past few Sunday’s and starting later this month, I get to teach the preschool class on Wednesday nights, as my own class! So its very exciting to get to spend time with kids and help them learn about God’s love as I am.

Next on the list was baptism. Bart and the church feel that baby baptism where you get sprinkled with water doesn’t fulfill the bible, so this past weekend I got baptized at church. I did it this past weekend, right before my 30th birthday so that I could enter a new era of my life as a new version of myself.

Here’s me right before, with Bart:


And here’s me right after:


I’ve got video, but can’t put it here without paying for the premium service, so I’ll figure out how to get those up too.

So besides giving (which is hard to do when you’re not working, but plan to do as soon as we have money to give) and doing my best to Share Christ with those around me, I feel like I’m doing alright with this list. I’m trying to be a better person every day, and am trying to live with this verse in mind:

Clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience… And over all these virtues put on love, which binds them all together in perfect unity. ~Colossians 3:12,14

I heard this verse in one of the first sermons when I started to go to church, and I just love it. It makes so much sense, and is simple but powerful and I’m doing my best to live up to it and be a better person and react in a better way towards others.

That’s all for now 🙂


Hello Again

Hello friends!

I know its been a while, but I just didn’t know how to write down what has been going on in our lives. 2016 has been a very rough year for us.

January started with Garrett’s Dad, Bill, passing away very suddenly. Then on the day we buried him (also the anniversary of Garrett’s parents), Garrett’s Aunt, Andy, died. And  when we came home from Andy’s visitation, we found our lovely bird, Icarus, dead in his cage. So January was a rough month for us.

I had a job that started right after that, that I left as Garrett’s mom wasn’t handling being home by herself very well. At this point Garrett was still working from home, but 3rd shift, so slept all day while I was working and my mother-in-law just wasn’t handling it well.

The next job I got was through a temp agency, and promised to last from April to July, but lasted all of 2 weeks. I started a new job again, in a call center, and after getting 4 calls back to back where I was yelled at, I had a panic attack and had to go home. Then the next day, just driving back to work, caused another, so I resigned to make sure I didn’t have panic attacks each day.

I found a new job in August and they over hired, so was gone from there  in 3 weeks, but that was right in time for school to start. Yeah, I decided to go back to school, and finally got all the financial aid straightened out, so I’m now attending Somerset Community College for an Associate’s degree in Medical Office Management. It’s a short 2 year track, and I can do it all online, making it perfect for me to work part-time on campus, and hopefully I’ll get word on that job asap as I just had the interview the other day and the lady definitely wants me, it just has to be approved by the work study guy.

Garrett lost his job in June when the company accepted his resignation early, after putting him through a lot of hell and making him jump through unnecessary hoops. He told them, in June, that he’d be leaving sometime in August for a different position (one that the offer was later rescinded) and the company decided to resign him a week later instead.

Along with job issues, I’ve had some health issues. I’ve had some serious stomach and throat issues, making my doctor think that taking my gallbladder out last year wasn’t helpful nor necessary to aid in my stomach problems. I had a CT the other day, and am scheduled for a scope next week, to help figure out what could be wrong.

I saw one ENT for my throat, and he thinks the pain is caused by acid erosion. My primary doctor sees me when my tonsils are huge, so is sending me to a new ENT to see if this one will take my tonsils out, or come up with a better strategy than “magic mouthwash” to help my throat issues. Not an ideal surgery to have as an adult, but better than chronic sore throat the rest of my life.

Jack turned one this year, and is as cute as ever. We took a trip up to Chicago to help Grandma prepare for a garage sale and he was able to spend some time with the family and get lots of love from them. Usually its just me going to Chicago to see family, so it was nice that time to have all 3 of us go and get to see people.

So that’s 2016 so far, I’ve had some good things happen too, but that includes videos, so will be the next post.




Long time, no blog

Hello friends!

It’s been a while, huh? Sorry about that, life has gotten CRAZY!

The short version: started and ended new job, got gallbladder removed, didn’t move into new place, in-law’s came back from Florida, and still trying to get the crafting business off the ground.

Longer version:

Started the new job in July, and it was going really well. Made it through training and into “nesting” (where we take live calls but have people walking around to help us/more hands on help than regular calls). Within the first hour of the 3rd day of nesting (Monday), my gallbladder freaked out, I had a restroom episode and went home, scared that’d I’d a) have to use the restroom while on the phone and couldn’t get to the rest room and possibly b) not get to the restroom and then have an issue at my desk and in my pants. Neither of which would have been good. I had an appointment with the surgeon later that week (Friday) to schedule the gallbladder removal, but I was able to call and have them move it up to the next day (Tuesday). So I went in on Tuesday and they said that the surgeon only does removals on Thursdays and the Thursday that week was probably full. I begged the PA to see what she could do as I was in a lot of pain, had been dealing with this gallbladder issue since February and wanted to be done with it!

The surgeon came in, told me about the procedure and the risks, and I told him I’d heard the risks and didn’t care, I just wanted the gallbladder OUT. He left and the PA came back in, taking me to the scheduling lady. She told me “this Thursday is full… *insert me groaning here* but we can get you in tomorrow.” To which I told her and the scheduling lady that if I ever won the lottery, I’d give them some. That’s how happy I was about it! They laughed and got me scheduled.

I went home that night and called the HR people from work, and started my leave process paperwork so that I wouldn’t rack up absentee hours while out recovering (if you were absent 80 + hours in 13 weeks, they’d fire you) and I had missed some time during training, getting some of the tests done to justify the surgeon taking my gallbladder out.

Wednesday the hubbs took me to the surgery center, and his aunts met us there, and stayed with him while I was in surgery. We updated the in-laws (who were still in Florida) as the day progressed and the longest wait was the surgeon getting there and being ready to do the surgery. I remember going into the surgery room at about 12:30, talked to the nurses a little, got some special stuff to breathe and then woke up and saw a clock at about 2:30. They say the procedure only took 30 minutes or so, but I guess it just took me a bit to come out of my sleep. The pain was a bit rough at the beginning, but 2 doses of pain meds helped with that, enough that I was able to get up and walk to the car and go home. I had a cut & stitch in my belly button, a cut & stitch under my boob, and then 2 band-aids over some little hole spot things in my lower-side abdomen. The hubbs took me home, got my pain meds and then I slept. A lot. Then spent time walking around (trying to let the gas out as they did the laproscopic removal) and trying to figure out what I could and could not eat.

Fortunately, for the first few days, I didn’t really have issues with foods, but after that first bowel movement, my system would tell me when it didn’t like what I ate. At my one week follow-up, the PA said that sometimes I’ll eat something and it’ll be bad, then I might eat it again, and it’ll be ok, so it’s just been a giant experiment. In addition, any foods with fat will probably go right through me, but I’m allowed to use immodium to help with that. Fortunately, the immodium helps prevent using the rest room after EVERY meal, and so far it seems like the overly greasy food items are the ones that affect me most.

Meanwhile, I find out that I hadn’t been at my job long enough to qualify for a leave of absence, so I could either rack up the missed hours (and eventually get fired) or resign, so I resigned to keep me eligible for rehire in the future when they hire for seasonal positions again. Its been a bit rough, but the hubbs has encouraged me to focus on my crafting business, and so that’s what I’m doing.

The crafting business has been alright so far. I’ve been making a lot of product but trying to figure out a niche to sell to. Just cause I make it, doesn’t mean I’m going to sell it, and I have to find the right medium to sell what I make. But I’ve been having fun making purses, crocheted stuffed animals, and most recently a Halloween table runner and some dice bags for my husband and his gaming friends. Every once in a while I’ll get a commission for a specific item, but hopefully I can start to get more of those soon.

2 weekends ago, the hubbs and I drove to South Carolina to meet the in-laws and drive them back to Kentucky. They’ve been settling in alright, but Mom gets tired more easily than we’re used to, because of the surgery and the infections she dealt with in Florida. So its been a bit chill at the Disney household. The in-laws were nice enough to let us keep Jack (they didn’t want us to get a dog, we got him with the intention of moving out, when we weren’t going to move out, we had to make sure they were ok with him, they were, thank goodness) and they light up when he’s around. Jack will climb onto Dad’s scooter and let dad scratch on him and be very content. It’s quite cute.

Here’s a Jack picture from the other day, he’s just so stinking cute!


And I think that’s just about everything that’s been going on lately.

Hope you all have a wonderful Labor Day, and a great week!


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There’s a fly on the wall!

Hello friends! Its been a while, but I’ve been just so darn busy or having mental issues, sorry!

But its time for another fly on the wall post, some brief glimpses into what’s been going on this last month. Take a read and then check out the other lovely ladies also participating 🙂

~Last week of May, I got laid off. Too many people hired, and since I was in the last batch of new hires, I got the boot. Cue a very frustrating new job search. It started with going back to GDIT (where I worked last year during open enrollment for the Affordable Care Act, and ended up leaving because I missed so much time due to my gallbladder freaking out and trying to figure all that stuff out) for a new job fair they were having. I did the interview, and was ONE word (yes) from getting the job but then I was informed that the company changed the re-hire policy and they had to wait a YEAR before rehiring me, instead of the traditional 90 days. And this policy changed 3 days before I got there. Urg. So I kept looking but kept hearing NOTHING. It got really frustrating. I was feeling very down, and very inadequate, but then I got a call from GDIT last week. They said the policy changed AGAIN and I could come in for my offer letter and schedule. So the almost 2 weeks of stress and hearing nothing worked out, but I could have really done without that stress 🙂

~Around the time that was going on, my birth control rx ran out and now I’ve been dealing with the Dr office and the Pharmacy in order to get it filled. Meanwhile, the longer I’m off it, the more crazy my hormones are making me. Seriously, the smallest thing will get me down and sad, when normally it wouldn’t be that big of a deal. So wish me luck that I get this resolved soon.

~Garrett and I have figured out that now that I have a job again, we have the money to move out of his parent’s house and into a house with some friends. Yes, we’re moving from one set of roommates to another, but at least our friends won’t yell at me and make me feel incompetent. Its a huge house (4 beds, 2 baths, 2 living rooms, 3 car garage) and everyone is cool with me setting up a craft area so that I can still do all my sewing.

~I’ve been sewing up a storm lately in order to get my online shop up and running. We originally thought I’d need it for regular income, but now that I’ve got the job at GDIT, I can use this as extra income and for fun. I really do enjoy being able to spend time in my craft room every day, especially since I don’t start training at GDIT till 7/6.

~The Shop has been opened!!! Check out Icarus a la Mode to see the etsy shop I’ve started and have stuff for sale. More things will be added soon!

~Garrett’s parents went to Florida last week. They’ll be down there for his mom to have some cancer treatments at the Mayo clinic that’s close to where my sister-in-law lives. Its a MUCH better hospital than UK (the closest good one to us) for the type of cancer she has, so we’ll probably see them again in late July/early August when they get back. She still works for the school district and school starts August 6th and she wants to be back for that, so we’ll see what happens. But do us a favor and keep her in your prayers!

~Garrett’s job switched him to night shift (10pm-7am) which he loves but was weird at first for me. But since I’m not working right now, my sleep schedule has been getting closer to his. Like last night, I laid down about 2:30 and was reading my book for a bit. Well, I ended up finishing the book, and when I went to pee one more time before going to sleep, Garrett’s first statement was “what are you still doing up?” to which I reply “I just finished my book. Why, what time is it?” and he tells me “Almost 6.” I didn’t feel that tired, but I haven’t stayed up that late (early?) I think ever, so that was new. But training at GDIT will be 7am-3:30pm and my shift will be 6:30am-3pm so I need to work on getting used to waking up early again. Good thing I have a week or 2 to do it!

~Happy Father’s day to all the fathers, father figures and awesome dudes in our lives. I know its a tad early, but I don’t want to forget 🙂

I think that’s all that’s been going on here. But take a gander at what’s going on in these other homes:

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Thanks for reading! Till next time…


Fly, fly on by

Hello friends!

Its that time again for the monthly Fly on the Wall post.

~I’ve been crocheting a bunch of critters lately. After the bunny for the husband, I made 2 pigs that have been requested from friends (and will be paid for !!), a graduation gift for our cousin (pictures to come after she gets it) and a late birthday gift for a friend. Here’s what the pigs look like:




With a cute Tail!

With a cute Tail!

And here’s the giraffe:

Green Giraffe

Green Giraffe


~I’ve also been working on my crafty stuff, like a dress for a friend’s wedding. I wasn’t able to find anything that I liked or wasn’t super expensive, so I just decided to take matters into my own hands:

Hooray for making your own clothing!

Hooray for making your own clothing!


~I’m excited for the wedding this weekend. We’ll be able to see a bunch of friends we haven’t seen since moving to London, as the wedding is in Lexington and that’s where most of our friends still are. My goals are to get a nice picture of me and the husband, all dressed up for the wedding and actually dance with him (we didn’t have dancing at our reception, and we’ve never had the opportunity to dance).

~On Mother’s day I joined friends Sarah, Matthew and their kids at Church as their twins were being baptized that day. It was really sweet that the kids decorated flower pots for their moms, made cards, and read 3 things that they love about their moms. This is the littlest kid reading her reasons, with her big brother and sister, watching:

They love their Mom!

They love their Mom!

And then after the sermon, the twins were baptized. It was very cool to watch, and I did tear up a bit, and was just touched that they asked me to come and support them. It really means a lot to me, not just that Sarah and I are close, but I’m close with her kids too. I simply adore them 🙂

Anastasia's Baptism

Anastasia’s Baptism

Sebastian's Baptism

Sebastian’s Baptism

~After church, we went to Williamsburg for Mother’s day lunch and it was pretty great. The food was good, the restaurant was beautiful, and we had a good time with the family. I had never been to Williamsburg before, and I really enjoy seeing new places in Kentucky, especially pretty ones like this 🙂

Cumberland Inn and Patriot Steakhouse

Cumberland Inn and Patriot Steakhouse

Inside the Inn

Inside the Inn

~I’ve been in training for my new job since April 1, and this week we ended it, and started taking calls on Wednesday. That was scary! We were lucky to have a coach with us to hold our hand with the first few, but on Friday, in Transition, we didn’t have as much hand holding. It isn’t too bad once I’m on the call, but waiting for them to come in is nerve wracking! At least there’s some time between calls, so we have time to fill out and document the notes we’re required to do.

~Last week, Garrett and I made an investment in ourselves: we bought new pillows! We’ve had some sorry pillows for quite a bit (as Garrett has said, he’s never bought himself a pillow, and I’ve had mine since college) so we got some new ones, and its awesome! They are very comfy and soft and delightful and I’m kind of sad we didn’t do this sooner. 🙂

~At a soccer game of Sebastian’s a few weeks ago, Sarah mentioned that Anastasia wanted to see Pitch Perfect 2, but she was NOT going to take her. I immediately told her that I wanted to see it too but didn’t want to drag Garrett, so I’d take Anastasia! So this past Sunday, after church, Anastasia and I went to the movies and had a girl afternoon. She got to play in the arcade before the movie started and we had a great time.

~Sebastian’s soccer team was #1 going into the championship, and so they got to play to defend their title. The game Thursday was apparently rescheduled at the last minute, but the coach didn’t tell anyone, so Team Wave was there at 6, when the game started at 7. And she had them running around and working on drills for the hour before the game started, so they were exhausted by the time the game started. And unfortunately lost 5 to 6 😦

~We’re trying to get together with friends for Memorial day, so we can break out the grill for the first time this season. Garrett has decided, whether or not friends come by, we’re eating steak! These friends have kids though, so it’ll be a late afternoon get together as school is in session for Memorial day, due to the high number of snow days they had this year.

~Can I just say that I don’t understand the school system down here? The kids have to be in school for Memorial Day (cause of snow days) but are off on Election day. I get that the schools are election centers, but when I was a kid and they used schools for election centers, they did elections in the gym and we just didn’t have gym that day. Personally, I’d rather have my kid in school for election day (learn about the process!) and not Memorial day, but I don’t have control over that. From a child care point of view, being off on election day makes it harder for working parents to make sure their kids are being watched. At least almost everyone is off on Memorial day.

~It was also time for Garrett and I to sign up for insurance through work. It was a bit of a pain, but necessary. I just wish that it was easier to compare prices. Was it cheaper for us to each have a plan through our own works? Or cheaper to do a joint plan via my work or his? Oy. And since I’ve sold insurance before and helped people sign up for insurance, Garrett lets me do all the comparison work. After all the research, it seemed like Garrett’s plan for both of us would be cheapest, so I signed us up for that, and then had to wait for approval! I guess they wanted to make sure we were actually married, and I submitted a scan of our marriage license for that purpose. Found out yesterday that they approved coverage for both of us, so that’s one less thing for us to worry about. Yay! Plan goes into effect July 1, so that’ll be good, cause Garrett has no insurance right now. Thankfully we have a discount plan for his meds, and he’s pretty healthy, but I’ll be glad when he’s covered again.

~That’s about all that’s going on here, wish me luck as I continue to take calls at work with less help! And check out what’s going on in these other houses:                               Baking In A Tornado                         Spatulas on Parade                             Follow me Home                                 Menopausal Mother                    Stacy Sews and Schools                                    Battered Hope                                      Just A Little Nutty                                                  The Momisodes                              Someone Else’s Genius                                           Dinosaur Superhero Mommy                                Juicebox Confession                Eileen’s Perpetually Busy                         Searching for Sanity                              Southern Belle Charm                                          Sanity Waiting to Happen        People Don’t Eat Enough Fudge


Thanks for stopping by!



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Using your words

Hi friends! I’m doing something a little different today, its another challenge from BakingInATornado, where we get a list of 4-6 words and have to use them all in the post.

The words I got are: hot, garden, humidity, breeze, rain and basketball. They were submitted by

Garrett and I have been doing well lately. Since becoming friends with Sarah and an “aunt” to her kids, I’ve started to tag along to her son’s soccer games. Its fun to watch, and definitely reminds me of when I used to watch my little brother’s soccer and baseball games. It also made me sad I’ve been missing all my cousin’s basketball games. The only issue? I get sunburn when I go :/ The first week I went, it was a beautiful day. Sarah and I prepared to be cold, cause the soccer field is in this weird vortex where it’s always 20 degrees colder than everywhere les, but that day it got HOT! Both Sarah and I got a lil sweaty, and when I got home, I discovered a little pink on my arm, nose, and forehead. And because of the angle to the sun, it as all on the left side of me.

Fast forward to this past weekend, when I decided to go to another game, but the weather was saying it was going to be 89 degrees that day. So I prepped by wearing capris, sandals and a comfy shirt so if it got ridiculously hot again, I wouldn’t feel too bad. Boy was I wrong. Not only did we sweat, the sun roasted me. By the end of the day, I looked like a lobster. For the most part, I was able to ease the pain with cool washcloths, but there’s a spot on my shoulder that has been irritated by any and all pieces of fabric this week.

Saturday night we went to dinner with the family, for my mother-in-law’s birthday, and pre-prom dinner for our cousin. It was a nice dinner, but apparently no one told us the correct time, despite several checks beforehand. As Garrett and I like to be a tad early to things, and the family tends to be late, for a  it, we just thought they were really late. Not this time. We were told dinner was at 5:3, so we got there about 5:20. Apparently the real dinner time was for 6, but the whole family wasn’t there till about 6:20. After waiting about an hour for everyone to show up,  Garrett wanted to leave (totally understandable) but we stayed, and it was nice.

On Sunday, for Mother’s day, we went to Williamsburg to the Cumberland Inn and Patriot Restaurant. It was a very nice place, good food, and Garrett drove me around the town afterwards, as he knows I like to check out places I haven’t been to before. We drove around the campus of The University of the Cumberlands, and I got to admire their buildings, fountains and gardens. We were fortunate too, that there was a good breeze going on, as our car’s air conditioning is broke and it was about 90 degrees that day. There was high humidity that day too, but we were fortunate that rain on Monday got rid of most of that.

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May Secret Subject Swap

Hello friends!

This week, 16 brave bloggers picked a secret subject for someone else and were assigned a secret subject to interpret in their own style. Today we are all simultaneously divulging our topics and submitting our posts.

My subject is “Have you ever made a mountain out of a molehill? Did everything end up as disastrous as you thought it would?” submitted by Searching for Sanity. Here goes!

According to my Husband, and I must agree, I tend to make a habit of turning mountains into molehills. Some mountains are more hill-like than mountainous but needless, I tend to make a big deal of things, especially if my hormones are raging.

Most recently though, I was CONVINCED that my gallbladder had finally burst. Back in February I had been having some abdominal pain and doctors figured out my gallbladder was giving me issues. After an ultrasound to confirm no stones, and then a HYDA scan to see how well/not well it was working, my doctor said my gallbladder was working at 41% but that wasn’t bad enough to remove it.

Fast forward to the end of March. Its a lovely Saturday night, Husband and I needed dinner. We went to Arby’s and enjoyed our sammiches. A few hours later, I wake up to pain and cramping. After some time in the bathroom, my body rejected the food and the pain subsided. I went back to bed. What I did not know, was that while I was sleeping, my husband’s body also rejected his food. When I woke up later, I still felt AWFUL. Lots of cramping, back aches, and just the smell of food made my stomach roll. Husband, that lucky duck, was fine. I tried to stay hydrated but it was hard, and then my body decided to reject the food I had eaten Saturday for lunch!

I was convinced that since most of the food wasn’t digested well, and the pain wouldn’t go away my gallbladder had ruptured (never mind the fact that I had no fever or other traditional signs of a rupture). After about 12 hours of constant pain, Husband took me to the ER. We were fortunate to get in right away, be in a room within 5 minutes and saw a doctor in another 10. He scheduled all sorts of blood work, and x-rays. The x-rays showed nothing, and the blood work showed nothing major (besides a bit of dehydration). So I got some fluids, lovely pain meds, and anti-nausea meds and finally started to feel better. Doctor’s prognosis: Food poisoning or 24 hour stomach flu that was aggravated by my pre-existing gallbladder issues. Since the pain meds were helping, he sent me home with instructions to come back if it got worse.

Fortunately, I got better. Went home and slept off the worse of it and was able to eat mild food the next day.

But before we went to the ER and before we got the test results, I was CONVINCED that I’d be having to get my gallbladder removed that night. I thought about how I wished I had strength to shower before leaving the house, and feeling bad that my husband might miss work the next day. Did it go that far? No. Am I surprised? No. Was my internal freak out necessary? No. The mountain I had made was clearly a simple molehill, but it took a Doctor to tell me that (after enough pain meds were in me to help me think clearly). I will probably need to have my gallbladder removed some day, but I guess I’ll cross that mountain when I get there. 🙂


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Thanks for reading, hope you have a good weekend!


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May Craftiness

Hello friends!

Sorry it’s been a while since I’ve posted, I’m finding it hard to have interesting things to write about when all I feel like I do is work all the time.

But, there’s been some fun stuff going on so I’ll share that!

While working (aka sitting in training and listening to people ask the same questions 10 times even though we’ve been over the info 15 times) I’ve been crocheting to keep my sanity. I’ve seen all sorts of patterns for Amigurumi or crochet critters as I’ve been calling them and I started my first pattern, a bunny.

Springtime Bunny

Springtime Bunny

I was in the process of making him over a few days, and when I first showed him to Garrett with just a head, ears, and body, he decided to claim and make the bunny his, once he was finished. Garrett’s only request was a blue tail instead of purple:

Blue bunny tail!

Blue bunny tail!

So he got a blue tail and this little guy has sat with Garrett at his desk ever since 🙂

Over the weekend, Garrett and I hung out with some friends, Bryan and Kim. Kim was the one who Sarah and I threw a baby shower for, and it was nice to see them and all their boys. We went to lunch on Saturday for Bryan’s Birthday and then hung out at our house since the weather was so nice! Plus, I got to hold Baby Sam and I was in heaven!

Me and Sam, hanging out at the restaurant

Me and Sam, hanging out at the restaurant

Not the greatest picture, but holding babies are more important than selfie 🙂

And then later Bryan, Kim and the boys came over to our house and we all sat outside, chatted and watched the older boys go through our game collection and run around the yard.

After dinner and a diaper change, I got to snuggle with Baby Sam some more:

Cuddle monkey!

Cuddle monkey!

I was thrilled and in complete heaven, just sitting with Baby Sam in my arms and chatting with everyone.

On Sunday, I took a trip down to JoAnn fabrics as they started a huge Mother’s day sale, that put every bolt of fabric in the store on sale (score!!). I found this delight on sale:

Dress pattern!

Dress pattern!

As Garrett and I have a wedding to go to later this month, and I can’t find a dress I like anywhere, I decided to put my sewing skills to the test and make my own dress.

Monday and Tuesday after work found me holed up in my craft room, cutting and sewing away. After a brief consultation with Cj, (my God-mother, who taught me to sew) about a confusing bit of the pattern, I finally got it done!

Almost done

Almost done

And here it is!

All finished!

All finished!

I’m really excited cause its pretty, comfortable and was not that hard to make. It’s definitely something I can wear all summer, and dress up for the wedding in a few weeks. Plus, this patter is so quick that I can keep a look out for more fabric like this and make more versions of this dress, using the longer hem options or even the short sleeve options.

That’s all for now, but come back FRIDAY MAY 8th for the SECRET SUBJECT SWAP post and FRIDAY MAY 15th for a new USE YOUR WORDS post!


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